MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Creation

Build your Minimum Viable Product fast, test it on market or show its
efficiency and potential to the investors and future clients.

MVP minimizes the development cost
The greater is your project, the more finances it will require. As each new feature is a new sprint of development. However, MVP is a prototype with the minimum required features. Full project development may reach up to million dollars when at the same time the price for an MVP will be much less.

MVP helps to get early feedback
You can attract early clients and collect their feedback. Therefore defining and shaping the future roadmap of the development. You will be able to understand how much your solution is needed and awaited at the market.

MVP significantly saves your time
Development is a time-consuming process. And the period of development is proportionally growing to the size of features. MVP saves your time, as time development will be considerably lower.

MVP attracts a future client base
All the early clients are your potential customers and serve as a client base for the growth of your project. If you create an MVP with an early monetization feature, you also can start to recoup the development costs at the early stage.

MVP helps to find early investors
The idea on paper may not sound as convincing, as if you have a prototype. Having something more serious than a simple idea will help you be noticed and preferred among competitors.
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