About Us


We launch advanced fintech products

It’s hard to compete in such growing and scalable market as IT. To become successful company you need to gather talented people under visioneer management.

As usual, we started our way from small outsource company five years ago. We learned a lot about software development and faced with different complex projects from mobile development to artificial intellegence for virtual assistant.

Time passed and team growed in times while Lab3M become more than outsource, but started to develop own projects in blockchain. New connections and hard work bring us to leading partners as TRON and NEO.

Now Lab3M working on fintech solutions generating liquidity for different types of businesses.

Lab3M is full cycle product company working on complexity fintech, IoT, mobile and blockchain solutions. We see potential and no reason not to implement it. Our company is not limited to the development department but we have great design, marketing, business analytics and customer support team.

Our goal is to make blockchain apps accessible anywhere and anytime. Therefore, we want to implemet more decentralized solutions into different spheres of life.

We are fully committed to your project from concept creation to release and supporting. Our team making concepts and developing projects from scratch. We provide full support at all stages of the project.

Our Process

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