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Financial technology(fintech) - field where work financial companies, banks who applies innovations and also cooperating with traditional financial organization with technology companies.Modernization or cooperation needed for saving competitive ability abreast with other members of financial market.

Interest to fintech products was evident in 2014, when banks began to develop their own apps, promote mobile service, modernize traditional services.For today one out of three customer use 1 financial app. In parallel began to appear fintech startups with new idea. They worked quicker than conservative bankers, they were not of afraid of money experiments, were closer to people. That’s how the financial technology apps and services market started to grow including mobile.

In a  business environment have formed an opinion, that technological startups can replace financial organization. An economist sure that this thesis is dubious because startups will not  deal with credit. More like, these sides will enter into more an affiliate agreements, what will allow them to hold people's attention. Users are used to the fact that all actions can be performed automatically by pressing a single button.

Partnership the two previously independent areas are truly really beneficial. Financiers have customer bases, access to big capital, ability to work in a highly regulated legislative field. But because of the same reasons inner innovation and quick tests of new solutions is given them with difficulty. High-technology enterprises need in access to this customers base, in their turn they propose ability to create services with with additional value which inspire users.

Types of fintech apps with which you will interest your customers

Development of mobile and web application set sights on on B2C audience, have to be planned by any bank or financial company to achieve a positive customer experience. If you try to retain customers by simple financial apps and it`s failed, you should update it with new modern idea: make them technological by adding the appropriate functions:

Applications for take into account  personal finance 

  • Personal finance management and learning to saving;
  • Expenditure account with a clue  how to save money;
  • Analysis of financial habits with with personalized consultation ;
  • Smart digital money box with flexible setting, supporting during transaction to deposit

Investment applications

  • Monitoring and notification about price on shareholding, currencies, cryptocurrencies;
  • Robotized adviser at investment sphere and portfolio diversification;
  • Automated copy trading ;
  • Asset management by using artificial intelligence. 

Credit supported applications

  • Acceleration of loan process with a chat bot;
  • Automated assessment  of creditworthiness based on AI;
  • P2P-credit financing between customers-users;
  • Automatic distribution micro loan by artificial intelligence.

Applications with the possibility of transfers and payments

  • Mobile or web wallet with support of e-money and cryptocurrency;
  • Transaction risk assessment based on machine learning;
  • Support of smart auto payment(regular, irregular);
  • Division of transactions at several recipients.

For enterprise customers 

Financial application using natural persons and legal person.Mostly they have partly the same exigency. Although most of them interested in improving employee productivity, automation work process and accounting improving. In such a way, can be added traditional B2B program. 

Qualitatively develop fintech application can only high-skilled people

From selection of worthy software company depend successful of your future project. Firstly you should make detailed terms of reference then determine the exact cost and development time.

In  terms of reference you can make an assessment of hours which needed for all work stages and calculate total cost. 

Usually that all process as follows:

  1. Development of technical specifications.
  2. Harmonization of conditions
  3. Directly development.
  4. Inner testing.
  5. Pass on product.

 Terms of reference drafting Is extremely important  because how well written it will depend on what you get in the end. You can do it in your own, if understand well and have experience with documents like this or order its development. If you have not got  terms of reference or difficulties emerge with its creation we can help you with it and make it.

No less important is timeliness pass because project consists of several stages. If these time limits are shifted for one of them, then they are shifted for the rest. Address to amateur freelancers, you will get stretching of development process and deadline transfers on a daily basis.  Because of it you will lose time, money, the probability of not completing the job at all.

As you can see, you can trust this important affair only to high-skilled team of developer, which will quickly create a quality product. Lab3M  experts can develop applications able to withstand any load and conform to the safety standards and encodement. Your fintech applications can be used by tens of thousands of customers at the same time, who will show loyalty to your brand,without even looking in the direction of competitors.

Fintech trends of recent years

Along with technology, which modernize fiat money,new directions are developing, which worth your attention.Your customers are already interested in it, also it is interesting for your target audience,which you can attract with a modern approach.


More and more people interested in what is cryptocurrency.People, who is an active users of cryptocurrency know that it’s convenient to use for asset keeping and the sale of tokens generate a good profit.


For today any business need in blockchain technology, as it turned out to be suitable in all areas.Blockchain apps based on decentralization and assignment, they are transparent and safety. We have been doing blockchain programming, smart- contracts writing and security audit for a long time. We have an experience in based on well-known platforms, as well as creating from scratch.It`s time yo you explore this new technology and order blockchain development.

Coins, Tokens, ICO, IEO

Cryptocurrency has found recognition by progressive people and changed the currency market forever. Digital assets  have taken a significant share of investments.New cryptocurrencies are regularly appear. It is quite difficult to budge Bitcoin and Ethereum but find a place in the sun you can. Perhaps, exactly your coin or token will come into top 3,if order cryptocurrency issue from us..

Cryptocurrency trading

While some companies launch crypto projects with their own currency, others help to promote it at the market.They give customers an opportunity to buy a novelty. At the crypto trading and exchange can earn the whole lot - salesman and customers, traders and the most important -  trade organizer. Increase your field of activity, ordering  creation of a cryptocurrency exchange or exchange.

Fiat money


Members of electronic commerce always in searching of new paying variants. Owners of online stores want to get payments by every possibles ways. Their customers interested in using convenient digital wallet with support for quick transfers and payments. You can satisfy their need in e-currency and your own advantage in the form of commission fee
, if you order development of an electronic payment system.

Mobile banking

Mobile users, who have a card and a bank account would like to manage their money via smartphone because computer is not always near.It’s not worth talking about queues at the bank just a great desire to forget it. Modern customers require modern banking solutions.Give them care and attention, ordering a mobile banking system.

Trading Automation

High-skilled traders,investment managers and private investment company use automation. They can be confidence in their profit from trading thanks to automation. If you are also a member of exchange transactions we can ease your work.To trade with high speed and accuracy, order the development of a robot or terminal from us.

Need to create a fintech application? Easy! 

For today at the financial and bank markets the main condition for existence and competition is the ability to quickly change, implementation of new technologies which interesting for your target audience. This is facilitated by your acumen managers and positive experience of your customer in using financial technology.

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